☀️봄 패션 & 메이크업 하울 | Spring Fashion & Makeup Haul 💛 (ENG SUB)

Hello everyone! Today I am going to open some packages I have some makeup products I'll open these later But first, I am going to open this Stylenanda package I did take off the tape already, but I haven't look inside yet Let's open this together When I purchased from Stylenanda this time, it said there was a free gift with the order I received the 3ce brush kit I'll open this later with the other makeup products The first thing I purchased was this t-shirt (reading the name of the product) So I purchased this t-shirt I wanted to wear this inside when I'm wearing a flannel or jacket So this is just a simple black t-shirt that I purchased Next I only got three things? (reading the product name again) This is a pink check print shirt I bought this to wear with shorts maybe during the spring (I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would) Stylenanda had free shipping this time so I didn't really purchase much from there The last clothing item is (trying to read the product name again LOL) I bought this in yellow This is just a hoodie It's just a casual hoodie It says taxi in the front and it says this on the back and the cool thing about the hoodie was the bottom has this string so you can style it in different ways Next are makeup products This is the free gift from Stylenanda Isn't it so cute? Oh, there are brushes inside like this The kit comes with five brushes I think this would be handy for traveling And all of these makeup products were purchased from Amazon Most of the korean makeup I buy are from Amazon These are the Ardell Wispies I got them in the color brown I always use black mascara and black fake lashes so I wanted to try brown lashes this time I normally like using brown mascara too so when I want to change my makeup look, I think it'd be nice to use these brown lashes Next I have these brown eyeliners from Bbia It comes with five eyeliners This might have launched a while ago in Korea, but on Amazon, it might have launched later These brown eyeliners I just talked about guys brown mascara and brown lashes But I wanted to try the brown eyeliners so I bought this set I like Bbia's products so I bought these eyeliners These are the eyeliners Hippie Brown, Bohemian Bronze, Brass, Morocco, and lastly, Soul Brown I've never used these either so I'll swatch them now Wow, this glides smoothly I don't normally use pencil eyeliners because it tends to tug on my eyes each time I use pencil eyeliners but this pencil eyeliner just glides on as soon as I swatch it This is Soul Brown It's this kind of shade Pigmentation is so good This is Hippie Brown This is Bohemian Bronze This one's Brass and this one's Morocco I think this will be pretty on the bottom waterline Oh I really like this color It's like an orange copper shade These are the five swatches Even though I just swatched these, it stays on already even if I try to smudge it Oh wow I'll do a makeup look with these soon I haven't tried these on the eyes yet, but I have high expectations Looking at how well these swatched on the hands, I have a feeling I'll like these products Next products are all from Peripera I purchased four products from Peripera First this is the Peripera Ink Color Mascara in Black Dry Rose This is also a red brownish shade This is what the wand looks like This is what the shade looks like I thought it'd be pretty to use these two together But the colors don't seem to match so I don't know This is more yellow brown and this is more red brown so I don't know if it'll really work together but I wanted to try color mascara so I bought this color mascara from Peripera I did read reviews saying it was really difficult to remove this But I think the Kiss Me mascara is equally as difficult to remove so I don't really think that'd be a problem Anyways, this was the purchase Next is the Peripera Velvet Blush in this peachy shade It's a coral shade It's a cream blush Honestly, I probably have so many blushes similar to this shade But I always seem to gravitate towards these colors If you see here You can't really see it This is the blush color It's really subtle and I think this will look really good on the cheeks during the spring Next are products I was really looking forward to These are the Peripera Sugar Glow Tints in Strawberry Sweet and Grapefruit Spirit This is a reddish lip tint and this is more of an orangeish tint I believe So I purchased each one I actually looked at all five shades Except for the last hot pink one, I wanted all the shades but for now, I just purchased these two only I like the Peripera lip products so I wanted to try these out the packaging is so cute too this is what it looks like the packaging is so cute I think the applicator looks a little different from normal ones this is the shade it's sort of glossy this kind of smells sweet? this smells like the smell of my bubble bath when I was a kid this is strawberry sweet and grapefruit spirit First I'll apply strawberry sweet This kind of feels like the YSL Lip Oil Tint The taste seems similar too It just feels like I applied oil tint I'll try the grapefruit spirit too I didn't bring a mirror The lighting is not that great right now so I don't think the color shows that well But the swatches on the hand were the most true to color of what these look like That's it for today's video I'll film a video soon using these makeup products If you liked this video, please don't forget to like and subscribe I'll see you guys next time with a better video Bye everyone!.

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