– Whoa! That's a little TMI for me.

– Another brilliant thingsomebody invented that has no purpose.

– Just bizarre.

It's something new.

I kind of like that a lot.

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So we're going to be showing you some seriously bizarre fashion trends.

– Oh, okay.

Great, that'll be fun.

– Oh no! – Will I have to hold my eyes like this? – Oh, great.

I know I'm going to love this.

Because I'm never sarcastic,so this'll probably be right up my alley.

– (FBE) Here is the first one.

– What in the Sam Hill is that? – (laughing) Salvador Dali/Picasso boots.

– It's a boot with a back booton the back of it, so it looks like you could go both ways, front and back.

– This guy could be a spy.

You just don't know if he's coming or going.

– That's a weird shoe.

(laughing) I wonder if the pants go the same way, front and back.

Unless you have really weird feet,I don't think that's gonna go over.

– (FBE) So this one'scalled "double sided boots.

" – I don't see the purpose of thisother than being out there.

– I would say that's bizarre and.


Not something I would buy.

– Why would you need a double sided boot if you only have one side that your foot fits? – Of all the shoesI've worn in my life, I should never say never.

I had some weird shoes.

If I saw those and I felt in a silly mood, I'd try them on just for fun.

– (FBE) All right, here's the next one.

– I don't like that look.

It just looks like messed up lipstick.

I don't think it's particularly appealing.

– It's over the regular lip lineand it's very botox-y looking.

– Some of these girls don't knowhow to put it on well, though.

but that's okay 'cause I like to smear lipstick, if you know what I mean.

– This is young girls pretending they're 90-year-old seniors and can't put the lipstick just on their lips.

I think this takes away from what lipstick was designed to do.

– This is the thing.

Women, older women especially,will do anything to not have the lipstick smear or go into the cracks and they're doing it on purpose.

– (FBE) This is called "lollipop lips.

" – "Lollipop lips.

" When you're sucking on a lollipop,it's smearing it.


– If you got kissed with one of those,you'd have a big lip mark.

(laughing) – It looks likea three-year-old child's look, rather than a young woman's look.

– Well, I don't like that.

I mean, knowing how hardit is to keep the lipstick on the lips and not up here,or down here, I think that's just dumb.

It's disrespectful, girls! – Another brilliant thingsomebody invented that has no purpose.

(laughing) – Oh.

okay, that lookslike body paint to me.

– First of all, that would be very uncomfortable.

Very artistic, the one on the right.

It's like rainbow.

– Wow.

(laughing) I can't stare too long at that'cause that's like a perfect 10.

– Oh my.

um, not bad.

I'm into this.

I'm good with this, yes.

– It's not that bad.

I've seen worse.

– This is the sparkle butt trend or.

? (laughing) – (FBE) This one is called "glitter booty.

" – No way! I won't wear it, but–I don't have the bod for it, but that's, yeah, very interesting.

– "Glitter booty.

" Well, that'd bethe politically correct term.

– (FBE) Right.


For the sparkle butt trend.

If your bum looks as goodas that one on the left, you don't need enhancements of any kind! – What a great placeto put glitter, huh? (laughing) – Oh, I like that.

– The eyes are very fashionable,trendy– outlandish, but nice.

– She's got beautiful eyes and it accentuates the eyes tremendously.

– It's done well.

They're spectacular and you're going, "Wow, look at that.

" – (FBE) This is called "neon eyeliner.

" – It's colorful.

It's shiny.

It looks really beautiful.

– I like it.

Not for everyday wear,but I would do that.

– I like that it jumps out at you.

It stands out, the neon.

– Don't let her cry in that.

It's gonna come down in different colors.

– Yeah, that's a good one.

That's a winner.

– Oh, I like that! We did that in the '60s, too.

– When I was a teenager,we wore platform shoes, so I love them and I love that they have– do they have a fish actually in them? – What do they call those?Platform shoes.

Platform shoes, that's what they're called.

Nothing living in there because it probably would die and then it wouldn't look goodfloating upside down.

– I think it's very pretty,especially if you're a short girl and you want some height.

– Now we're talking flashbackbecause first time I saw Elton John, he was wearing heels that were twice that size with live fish in them,so this is not a new trend.

They don't even got the gutsto put the real fish in there.

– (FBE) These onesare called "platform shoes.

" – Yeah, yup.

Seen them bigger, seen them smaller.

I haven't seen them, you know,with an artistic theme, which is kind of cool.

– I wouldn't be able to wear those,but I like looking at them.

They are really attractive.

– Just enough of a heelto make the legs look like they're in better shape than they are.

– Oh, those are hideous! Oh, those are awful.

They look like Dracula's talons.

– I just saw my hairdresserwith fingernails like that and she had different just like that.

– It looks very evil, even thoughit's ice cream colors or pastel– that looks likea soft serve ice cream thing.

– Very intricate work on the nails.

Look a little too muchlike claws to me to be comfortable.

I mean, gosh, if you asked herto scratch your back, you know, you might be doomed.

(laughing) – (FBE) So these ones are called "long unicorn nails.

" – That's a funny name for them,but they're pretty hideous.

I don't mind the colors or the glittery thing.

I don't like that shape of the point.

– I think they're cute,but, you know, everybody can't wear that.

– (FBE) Right.

– It's not for everybody.

– That's pretty.

No problem with that.

That's a cute one.

– I'm good with these, yeah.

Just don't poke me in the eye, though.

– Oh, I love that.

Is this like unicorn hair or something? It's fabulous! – That took a lot of doing to get those braids and everything just the way they're supposed to be.

It has its place at a party, I'm sure.

– Kind of throws me for a loop at first, but I guess I'm getting used to it.

– I like it.

It's very difficult to get that stuffout of your hair, though.

– (FBE) This one'scalled "glitter roots.

" – That's interesting, but I don't thinkit's an everyday thing unless you're young.

– For people in different types of industries, I think it just dependson where you work and if it's allowed.

You know, it's very pretty.

– It's one of those thingsthat it's a good idea at the time and then it's like, "Uh-oh.

" It's getting it out and washing it out and not having it clog–see, I'm too practical! Not have it clog the sink.

– I tell you, it beats gray roots, though.

More power to you, young ladies.

– Whoa! That's a little TMI for me.

The chains towards the pelvic areakinda remind me of sadomasochism.

– Oh yeah, now we're talking.

Is this a Madonna wannabeor a Lady Gaga wannabe? – That reminds me of Lady Gaga.

Is that who that is? – (FBE) That is Lady Gaga.

– A-ha! That's my girl.

– You know, I'm not gonna lie,the exposure part is, you know, sexy,but this looks like a costume.

It doesn't look like a trend.

– She can do no wrong, fashion-wise,with me anyway, but that's especially nice.

As long you keep the arms down,I guess it's okay.

– (FBE) The trend hereis actually called "underboob.

" – As long as it's a nice, firm underboob, I have no problem with that.

I wonder how they stop it moving so that the upper boob doesn't show? I guess it's glued on.

– To me, it's like upside down boob, is what it looks like.

– (FBE laughing)- (laughing) – If you got it, flaunt it, I say.

– I don't think I could take that girl home and show her to my mom.

– (exclaiming) Oh my gosh! It's furry fingernails.

Just bizarre.

It's something new.

I kind of like that a lot.

– Whoa! That is awesome.

Oh, wow.

Now that interests me.

– They're animal-y and that green one is hideous.

– I don't like that.

That looks kind of too spidery.

It's like a tarantula with all its hairy little feelers and legs.

– There is a creative aspect to thisthat fascinates me.

I will say, thisis a little more clever than some of the other things.

– (FBE) Furry nails.

– Furry nails.

That's kinda creepy.

If I see that coming,I think I'll go another direction.

– Yeah, I would try that.

I would like panda.

– I mean, this looks like pajamas.

I can't tell if they're two-piece or onesies.

Let's just say it's not my style.

– Oh, those are those men onesies.

"Mansies"? Onesies?(laughing) – These guys look very masculine, very confident.

It's a very, very good look.

It's certainly different.

Not everybody could wear those clothesand get away with it.

– You guys in pink, no.

Men don't wear pink.

The polka dots, dude, no, you gotta lose the polka dots.

It looks like a one-piece that you're wearing or something a woman might be seen in.

– It's not too hideousfor loungewear around the house.

I mean, the spotty one's a little meh,but are they rompers? I mean, that's not offensiveas long as you stay home.

– Oh, those are the–what are they– the "RompHims"? – (FBE) These are called "RompHim"because they're wearing rompers.

– (laughing) That is so cute.

It's fun.

If you have a nice body,I think you can wear it.

– Girls still wear rompers,so why not? Men, I have no problem with thisif they've got good legs.

– Rompers, do they wear these outsides? – They'd be difficult to get off to pee.

I mean, you'd have to take the whole thing off to go the toilets,unless they have a little flap in the bottom.

– All the guys have that "I'm the coolest model in the world" look, but you're not 'cause you're wearing a onesie.

Okay? (laughing) – (FBE) What did you think of all these fashion trends today? – I like.

Very interested in some of them, obviously.

I would try.

Others, no.

(laughing) – Some of it, I'd try.

Some of it, I wouldn't,like the boot.

The boot's just plain silly.

But fashion's supposed to have an areathat's completely silly, so I just love it.

– I was quite surprised that these fashion trends, for the most part, didn't rub me the wrong way like I expected them to.

– People are creative and,if given the avenue, they come up with stuffand you say to yourself, "WHY?!" Why, you know? – It's fun to see where fashion can go'cause you got some pretty nutty stuff here.

(laughing) I enjoyed it a lot.

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