10 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know About

Top 10 Fashion brands you may not know Who isn’t looking for a pick-me-up these days? But how to feed that urge without splurge? When it’s the shopping season, Want to treat yourself to a lot of shopping fun? More popular the brand, denser the crowd.

However, there are a significant number of brands that are yet to be known by the majority.

But even though they’re lesser known, they have an amazing sales record.

Here we are listing you 10 such brands that you can try.

Number 10 Cecilie Copenhagen A unique brand started consisting of only scarves, it has now skirts, trousers and dresses as well.

The Danish brand is young and specializes in its signature top that makes a great combination with jeans.

Number 09 Rae Feather Founded by Rae Feather herself, the brand is more about style with reasonable price.

Emphasizing on timeless designs and simplicity, they deliver it with personal touch.

Number 08 MASSCOB Founded by Spanish designers Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian, the brand is a tribute to the 1970s.

The combination of masculine and feminine designs can’t be better.

Number 7 EDIT Founded by Hong Kong-based Jacqueline Chak and Genevieve Chew, Edit is fast growing brand.

They blend classic designs with contemporary approach.

Number 6 Renli Su If you are too busy to dress yourself up pretty but wanna look elegant, this is your brand.

They design vintage handmade costume with modern touch that are easy to put on.

Number 5 Sezane Targeting the new generation, this french brand is an online only store.

It’s founded by bargain hunter Morgane Sezalory.

They introduce limited edition designs every week.

Number 4 Uterque An exclusive women’s fashion house, it is owned by the Spanish Inditex group.

The company has 82 stores in 12 countries around the globe.

Number 3 Kirei ‘Kirei’ means beautiful in Japanese.

Founded by Hina Moss, the designs were inspired by her experience gathered from travelling over the world.

That’s why it has a global feel.

Number 2 Manu Atelier Turkish sisters Merve and Beste Manastir’s brand provides luxurious looking handbags.

They even prepare the leather in their own factory.

With minimal logo usage, the designs are chic and drool worthy.

Number 1 Senso this Australian shoe label was started by Scarlett and Kim Mellor in 1980.

The designs are innovative and experimental.

They’re high quality and affordable.

There is always a joy in finding something awesome in under the radar.

Have you come across any? Do you think of any other brand that deserves more attention? Tell us in the comment section.

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