BTS On Personal Style & The Importance of Fashion in Music | Billboard

Jungkook: When I went to the U.


to learn to dance I noticed that the dancers were very stylish.

So I began to dig into it.

Suga: Is that why you cut the shirts like wrestling uniforms? Jungkook: I would cut my clothes off and stuff.

Now I've changed a lot.

Suga: You've become more refined.

Jin: More modern.

Jungkook: A lot more…clean-cut.

Suga: Since we have to wear a lot of uncomfortable clothes, I like comfortable clothes.

J-Hope: Oh, comfortable clothes, yes.

Jin: For me, I believe the face is the ultimate factor in fashion, so I can wear anything and it'll look good.

Suga: Do you go around being naked? Jin: No, I have to wear something to cover up important parts.

J-Hope: For me, I'm always up to date on the trends and look for clothes that fit my body well.

Suga: He's a trendsetter.

Jimin: You two must have a lot to say on this topic.

V: Since I watch a lot of old movies, shirts and ties, and other accessories are the things I like.

Suga: Music and fashion are inseparable.

Music is not just about listening anymore.

You can see it nowadays.

So I think the visuals are very important.

J-Hope: Your attitude changes.

Suga: If we were wearing this for “Mic Drop" we wouldn't be able to do it.

J-Hope: As we try to express ourselves and perform it feels very different depending on the clothing, so we feel fashion is an important part of us.

RM: Music, fashion, it's like the two best ways to express me and prove oneself to the world.

Suga: Jin the ultimate fashionista, please share your opinion.

"Wear this, and you'll be the fashion trendsetter.

" Jin: Well, for the top, if you wear T-shirts with characters.

Suga: Are you talking about BT21? Jin: Yes.

Suga: Yep, those will make you become a trendsetter.

Jin: If you want to be fashionable like us, T-shirts with characters such as BT21 may look cool.

It is my humble opinion.

J-Hope: That's cool.

Jimin: And if you get suspenders with it, that would be superb.

Jin: Yes, superb.

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