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Hey buddies Happy Easter weekend todaywe are I didn't say it's irrelevant you know who I am todaywe are checking out fashion famous we're doing our Easter spring fashion show sothis is future me which that's a very interesting topic there but we're gonnatry to do all these things but mixing in an Easter flare or a spring flarebecause it's you know Easter and springy I don't know the future I don't know howyou're gonna make futuristic outfit this one is probably gonna be a bit of an Lthis is kind of ill no not the future oh my goodness maybe this and that's kindof springy but I might not I am am I wearing getting bottoms I don't eventhink I am okay that's cute that's cute that's cute yeah but we gotta find a wayto make it springy and like cute oh look at these bunny ears yes girl Yas okaylet's get a cute face oh this is super futuristic look at girl she is but oh mygoodness look I need to get a hairstyle okay I don't hate it I don't hate it Ilike the blonde hair I like it I like it a lot now let's see what else we can getover here oh my gosh oh my gosh time is runningout I don't know what to do I think she looks super cute future me with bunnyears I think that's adorable I hope you arehaving an awesome Easter weekend shouts everyone who checked out my mukbangvideo let me know if you wanted me to do more I was a lot of fun although I waslike upstate wanting to abstain from candy but I'm addicted for like a yearI'm not a year a day just a day I'm really bad like really bad I would saythis is kind I'm gonna say it's the one I kind offeel like it's not futuristic at all and y'all know I'm a little bit more toughI'm not a Simon when it comes to judging but I'm like I would say like a Randyyou know I'm not a polish it's two – guys this is this is really cute I couldsee this being a future her okay this I feel like could be more futuristic justbecause of the shoes and the necklace okayshe's starting animating like face I should have gotten that this guy Ohrobot body frickin a I'm a given before I'm a given but I feel like he should benumber one she definitely should not have been number one he looks way morefuturistic than she does but whatever the category is brat hmm first let me goto the face I need to pick up my face see if I can find like it yes this is afreaking cute of these I'm gonna choose this one the bunny face is so cute lookwait let me see this one oh gosh no no no I need something alittle bit more sassy so we'll go with this one because there's supposed to bea brat what outfit with this brat where Batman no no brats were Batman that iscoolest uh okay I have fun outfit I thought like minute one day not that issheer as heck ninja they gotta put some clothes onthese kids bra okay let's do this this is what the Bratz would wear alrightalright so let's go we'll go we've got our Bratz outfit let's see what a brathairstyle would be oh my goodness I think this is one of the brats hairstylist let me see what else would a brat where oh my goodness she probablywould have this hair yes no I'm not really I'm not really vibing with thatyes that works that works let's sit down in the chair let's put some color in ourhair I'm too red I don't know let's do purplelike I wish they had better colors you know uh no okay we'll do brown will dobrown oh my gosh okay so as a bride I think she would have some wings we'llget rid of these like orange wings okay although no these don't match at all solet me take those yet let me take these wings off hurry hurry hurry hurry hurrytake the wings off come on oh my gosh take the wings off done whywon't it do this what is going on this game is being super glitchy oh my goshthank you oh it only took you forever put these beads on quick quickthere we go she looks horrendous I do not like her outfit at all her face Ishould have done one of the other bunny faces guys this wasn't my best I ammildly ashamed because this was not my best she's definitely not gonna win allright so let's see what the princess has okay she looks really goodshe looks really good and she's crying like a brat way I could have kept it theears I didn't have to keep the face okay we've got deathlok's he knows a littlebit of Bravo but maybe like a male brat I'll give him a – like if you were likegonna say there was a male version of like the Bratz doll maybe like a – buthe doesn't seem like a brat or like you know then it's not only you know oh wowshe made really looks like a Bratz oh goshyeah mommy – give her limbo and Jojo both so I hit her and said wait okayso you got it you got it you got it all right let's go power she doesn't seemlike a bride at all just comes actually extremely sweet I'm gonna give her onecuz she looks cute like the wings that dress is not a fan of but she looksextremely sweet I don't see Bratz at all ah look at me I'm the queenall right what's that statement on your birthday I'll give her a three yeah I'llget worth it this is super variety I don't know see they go can't play thisgame right cuz then the fishnets are there's no child should have it infishnet stockings okay well you are this guy would be a male brash dude I'll givehim a 4 I'll give her 4 I don't know if it's Easter season I'm feeling a littleextra a little bit more generous with my voting like I but then I normally do butI kind of feel like yeah he's got it oh my goodness where's my crown mummy allright all right yeah you gotta for I don't like to stick with the bunny facethat's we're not gonna make that the law but something bunny related or springrelated that will be our rule in this game play hi Christine games let's seeoh my gosh I feel like she doesn't look um I'm gonna say where's my lattewhere's my latte that was like that was that was lame andso late oh my goodness I need 10 swimming cool all right theseare the people God is like this time they were like in character they werethere and me I was just like I was playing I was laying I'm not gonna beinga brat okay it's not my fault okay I invested in a season just like this wellI'll give her three those wings scream sweet to me they don't smell like rat orB word or like anything like that they just scream very sweet like sugar sugarfairy let me know down below if you does a bunny buddy and you played which namewas you because I feel like my outfit was horrendous I feel like I should nothave won that a tell that at all I feel like fellow's oh I hated my face onvacation okay that is super cute let me see what else they got I'm gonna keepthat in mind no no no no no no no they only out but Ithink is great like super vacation is that I think that's super cute okay so Ithink like a braid to the side would be great hair or like a side ponytail thislet me see this that's great for vacation because you're just chillingyou're just relaxing you know or maybe that's cute ponytail and see or bothwe're gonna do but wait no no I gotta take one of these off yes I think thepigtails are super cute okay look can I do blue hair now lemme do okay chickdidn't have to put our thing in my facebook whatevs I'm really liking theblonde hair this episode normally I would do like a bunch of differentcolors but I really like those blonde hair okay so let's see oh my goodnessthis bunny face can I do this that is so cuteoh my gosh I think that's a super cute face all right let me do these bunnyears she is the cutest rabbit on vacationever oh you need sunglasses you can't go on vacation without sunglasses and whenwe were playing it on the stream I totally forgot to do sunglasseslet's do pink ah yes chick I love you what the heck I want to do one where Ihave to wear that that would be so funny I think she's cute vacationing I thinkbetter sunglasses would have been a better choice and that hot thing I feellike they had more vacation stuff in the non vacation topic than they did in thisone which is done but what else I could see us being on vacation like herfamily's at the beach and she wants to walk the boardwalk she doesn't want tosit with her family she wants to chill check out the guys see what guys are inthis area C which QT she can talk to QT woulda booty that's what she's doingthis is not a vacation I mean okay I'm boat crash this is not a vacation you'renot on a vacation you're a beautiful princess fairy but that is not avacation um I could see someone's like like it'sa summer I could see someone I'm gonna put a two on that I don't feel likethat's really vacation I think that a lot of people would wear this on aregular type of thing I can see it being a summer outfit this is vacation this isvacation for a guy he's got the shorts he's got this I don't know what kind ofdance movie is doing but hey he's on vacation let him dance however he wantsto I gotta be ready oh okay I love summer vacation there we goemotes cheater yeah I don't have a lot of emails that issuper cute oh she is on vacation I'm give her four this is like veryvacationing that them sunglasses so I was best man I don't have that I hadlike black Kanye's I didn't have like the the regular sunglasses okay hedidn't he said you didn't have a lot of time I would say this is more like wellthis like palm trees and stuff I'll give you a three you didn't have a lot oftime but at the time you had you did find like a nice shirt that was like youknow vacationing with the palm trees and all that stuff so did you put somesunscreen on my chest I'm a gold digger deal with it okay I'm right herei'ma give her five I like the lighthouse like the fries whatever you put in thephrase can help when it comes to me all rightah she looks like the other girl but with her hair a little longer I'll giveher three this is like this is like a July fourth vacation weekend it like alake house type of thing or where there's like a lot of people and there'slike a party and all that stuff yeah the one the one what in first place I gaveit to her the guy I agree with this I think these peoplewere chosen fairly and I give my hats to them I think they did a good joblast girl oh I mean I know I could have done better but last Oprah that how doesthe princess trick make more than me that'll me know six people get y'allboats together my dark side oh okay okay okay I think these oh wait oh this isthe outfit boom my dark side oh this is kind of I really get what this outfitI like those pants those bottom pants oh this face oh yeah that's the face that'sthe face we're gonna get hair and then I want to get those on headphones let'ssee what what hair would a dark side have maybe these maybe this and thenI'll have it be black hair let's see oh oh you made his whole body black oh thisis this is darkside for real oh so people would be oh she looks greatactually she looks super good I want those spiky things but before Icontinue let me see what else we got did you have anything else that screamsdark side oh that does this thing in here but that's all it is a cow yeahwhere were you in the vacation one sir where were you oh this is actually Ithink that she looks – no wait can I have this okay wait what do I have totake off because I think this fiery thing helps my case tremendously oh youdon't even see the fire oh you can't even see the fire it won't let me takethat off I feel like the Red Wings are the best thing for her right now ormaybe those purple wings uh all right no I'm not taking it off I'm gonna take itoff kind of that kind of that those purple wings would probably have been alittle better but I know my dark side it's like makes us a dark bunny it'slike my dark bunny side so let's see dark oh okay deathlok's is this is likethe five this was like I don't think you can really get any more dark side onthat yeah she gets a three that's cute dark side okay so I see a lot of peoplewent for the outfit I'm gonna give her a three I'm gonna give reports theheadphones I think really to take it to another level and she's like the wings Ithink she added a little bit extra that the other person did not this is the oneI saw that she's pretty really pretty I'm gonna give her four she's got theface the dark hair the dark dress the wings watch the shadows I will be nearhello darkness my old friend don't go to sleep Wow okay let me see my sentencethere you go I must take why we'll take over the worldthis is actually more sexy than Dirk there's like Oh crops arms Whitaker donegoodness I'm not back by Darkseid's I'm gonna give them a three Kazuto yourcrockpot hoodie okay now him before his close-uphe looks a lot better walking down you kind of look you know but call itclose-up he gets up or okay so she did similar tothe Sun I think darkness is my old frienddon't go to sleep I'm in the shadows all right so we're gonna give this personoh she puts on her arm that's a good ideathat's that was a good idea I would take over the worldhey you stole my thing and I came here for MA I will kill you all what'd shesay oh okay all right I'm gonna give her for everybody did a pretty good jobthough breath everybody did a good job but they didn't you know they didn'treally slack on it you know whoa oh no her eyes her eyes oh goshcome with me to the dark side you will or you will all be my slaves then betterquotes than I did I agree with this I think they did a great job congrats tothem they did a great job I didn't do that great let me see where I'm Adam seewhat the final number is first before I end this okay seven not as bad as lasttime but I seventh on the lower side I like to be the first four or first fivebut hey something too bad I'm gonna in the gameplay here happy Easter weekendto you guys if you like to suggest another robots level to me please let meknow down below in the comment section if you liked this video hit that likebutton don't forget to subscribe and click that notification box you'renotified of when I post I love you guys as always and until next time pleaseTurtles.

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