How to Look Good On a Budget!

When I was in college, I was always on abudget.

I didn't have a lot of money to go shopping for clothing, shoes andaccessories, but I knew that I loved fashion and I loved dressing myself up.

So I'm going to share with you my tips and tricks on how to look good even whenyou don't have a lot of money This video is brought to you by Squarespace.

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I'm goingto share with you a few tips on how to shop in the sale section and some of myfavorite finds of the moment.

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Just open that up all the links to theitems will be down below you guys enjoyed this video if you do be sure togive this video a big thumbs up and without further ado let's get started.

It's the year of the dressand I bought this one for under $15 from Zara.

This dress has the potential of looking amazing.

Look at all of the different wrinkles and the creases on here, it isnot looking cute.

You just take about 5 to 10 minutes to iron your clothes orsteam it and make such a big difference it will make your outfit look so muchbetter and a lot more expensive down the jump suit I added a crease to my pantsand I felt it made it look a lot more expensive and it's a really cool a neatdetail to add to your jumpsuit the other day one of my friends calledme the queen of discounts your girl loves a great deal good bargain and Ilove saving my vincent's I squirt this beautiful embroidered gown for ninedollars at forever 21 when I put this on it made me feel like a million bucks andit only cost me $9 when it comes to shopping for discounted clothing therereally are some few things that you should keep in mind be sure to go inwith the mindset of buying something don't wander into the sale section orthe discounted area just picking up things here and there that is how do youend up with clothes you don't actually need you should do ahead of time is openup a notepad on your phone and write down the things that you're looking forspecific trends or items and then when you go into the store just zero in onthese items and that way you won't leave the store with too many things that youdidn't need have you ever gone shopping online or in-store and notice all thedifferent sizing you might see something like a small medium or large or numberslike 4 6 12 16 so don't be afraid to grab your measuring tape and measureyour busts your waist and your hips your hips are the widest part of your bodyyour waistline is the smallest part of your body these are the most commonmeasurements that I think everyone should know the other day I went to the thrift storeand I found this gorgeous lace top and I loved it so as you can see the top it'sjust a little bit too big and a little bit too baggy no it's tempting it'ssummertime so but there's hot all you want to wear is loose and flowy clothingbut trust me do not pair your loose and flowy topwith a loose and flowy bottom these who don't mix together because it tends todrown out your figure when it comes to styling an oversized lace top be sure tobalance it out with something more fitted on the bottom I'm going to letyou in on a little secret my entire workout outfit cost less than$20 I know 20 bucks so what's our top was onlythree dollars from H&M these pants were only seven dollars from wish I've hadthese pants for over a year now and I can honestly say that I love themI find that marled fabrics tend to look a lot more expensive that I'm plain andsimple fabrics the marled effect adds a very cool dimensional look to any item sometimes looking good has nothing to dowith a clothing that your ring but it can definitely be enhanced with yourshoes or accessories if you're a casual girl and you love sneakers invest in apair of espadrilles sneakers the leather look is very luxe and very on-trend oryou can pick up a mini leather purse I got this one from made well and I lovethe mustard yellow color I think mules are a classic staple inevery woman's closet I love the white look which is perfectfor summer I've been really digging the Polka Dot trend lately I've seen iteverywhere at Urban Outfitters pack sign forever 21 and if you're in a budget andyou want to save some cash in these Styles apartment don't be afraid to shopin one of your family members closets I'm so happy I didn't spend any money onthis look so I hope you guys enjoyed this videocome down well and let me know the coolest item you've scored on salerecently I'd love to read it and I love hearing about your great deals and finesgrowing up one of my biggest dreams was to have an online store so if you havethat same dream Squarespace makes it very simple to sell products Squarespaceallows you to manage the inventory all of the orders and it's in an all-in-oneplatform you don't need any plugins or patches head to squarespace.

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Com slashfashion by Ali to save 10% off your first purchase of an online store domainor a website so be sure to follow me on instagram at fashion by Ali for morestyle inspiration and outfit ideas I love you guys so soand I will see you guys in my next video hi we score good deal.

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