Kalen Reacts: New York Fashion Week

All right, NewYork Fashion Week.

You know what? I always wanted to go toNew York Fashion Week.

I'm probably goingto go next year.

I'm trying to sit nextBeyonce and Kim Kardashian.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my god.

Why she come out here withthis crane on like she at at a arcade? Honey, all youneed is a harness.

Then send her up in theair, and she could start picking up people by the head.

[LAUGHS] What's that on they face? [MUSIC PLAYING] Honey, how youbreathing with that on? Why you ain't got no shoes on? Girl, no.

[LAUGHS] [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] All them sweaters.

Baby, I know you areburning up under there.

Oh, honey.

There is no deodoranton the planet that is strong enough tokeep you from stinking with all these sweaters on.

OK, now that–that's a look, honey.

Where can I get me one of them? I would wear that.

I'm gonna wear thaton the Ellen show.


That black and white checker? Yes, I love that.

Now what is that? [MUSIC PLAYING] Why would she come outhere looking like she going to a kid birthday party? [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] OK.

Now, you got to walk aroundwith this battery pack.

Girl, what if you get wet? What if it's raining, honey? You gonna get electrocuted.

Then what you gonna do? Here we go withthis battery pack.

Why would I want to walk aroundwith a battery pack in my hand? I don't understand that.

And if I do, it bettercome with a USB port so I can charge myphone on the go.

Thank you, Christian.

I'm guessing that'sthe last one.

Ooh, she almost fell.

But she caught herself.

Praise god.

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