Kitty Cat Fashion Week | Hannah Hart

Hey guys in honor of New York Fashion Week I am dressing up my cats, and doing a Kitty Cat Fashion Week That's the entire purpose and point of this video! How is it related to love you may ask? Mmmm, I love my kitties, and I love making videos! And Ummm, that's it! Let's go! Now, our models have been napping all day.

So, hopefully they're prepped and ready for Kitty Cat Fashion Week! These two have a ferocious rivalry! You can tell, they can't even look at each other.

Lady is vying for first.

I don't know how fashion shows work, but, there's a first place? Here we have, uhhhh, still getting ready on set.

Are you so excited for Kitty Cat Fashion Week? YES! Is this what it's like to be a dolphin? Here we have constructed the kitty cat runway for Kitty Cat Fashion Week! Ooooo, Charles, are you so excited and ready? (instrumental music and extremely Stylish kitties) And that's it! That's all I could bring myself to put them through! I promise no kitties were harmed in the making of this Fashion Week! In fact, they were given lots of treats! And as naked cats, they actually like having clothes on.

Let's all recall how much Lady enjoyed her suit Amazing! Anyway, guys, thanks so much for watching, uhhh, day 4 of 5 for Valentine's Week content And I hope you've had a really good time because I have If you're looking for a quick, fun, hairless cat, ummm, clothing tip, just cut some clothes out of socks.

Like, I got Charles this smooth pineapple look, that he'll wear anytime he wants! Ooop, yep, he's taking it out on the costumes.

So, I got to go! Ok! Mwa!.

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