Mag Streak at Rumampa sa Isang Fashion Show (Streaking Fashion Show) | Comment Trolling

babe, I loved you before but not now you broke my damn heart.

I don't know you.

@!**@!)#@%! excuse me, where's the CR? in fourth floor do you have mefenamic? can I see it? is this the right medicine for pain? pain for what? pain for bleeding heart its killing me the what? I'm shy.

can I ask a question? I'm shy.



is it available? do you have righmed? you have? can I ask a question? it's for thesis please answer my question what's tagalog of "expensive"? "Mahal" tagalog of "income"? "kita" if you combine it together, how do you read it? "Mahal Kita" (I Love You) I love you too you look familiar no Is it correct "Tahomi"? what's that? where can I find the beach here? what beach? ocean where can I find it? I'm hoping to expose my beach body.

come on lets get out of here come one.

let's get out of here drive slowly else.

we might get in an accident come bro come on, let's get out of here I'm chatting.

do you feel what I'm feeling? do you feel our connection? thank you very much theres our camera its a prank theres the camera oh my gush sir!.

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