Selah Marley, la petite-fille de Bob Marley : la nouvelle it-girl de la Fashion Week

Selah Marley, granddaughter of Bob Marley: the new it-girl of Fashion Week She made a big impression during Paris Fashion Week.

She is Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley's granddaughter.

You probably do not know Selah Marley, but she is from a big family.

She is the daughter of Lauryn Hill and the granddaughter of Bob Marley! Just that.

Many tell her that with such a heritage, she should reach the firmament but she refuses to go too fast.

Selah wants to grow up, take her time.

"We only distinguish the leaves of the tree today, we do not know yet what type of fruit will grow on it," she explained to the "Express Styles" last September.

At the age of 18, Selah Marley makes herself a sweet place in the world of sons of.

Like Lily-Rose Depp, Kaia Gerber, Ilona Smet or Willow Smith.

For her, the stated goal is fashion.

And during the last Paris Fashion Week, Selah made a strong impression.

Every day a style, each parade a colorful show.

Selah has left its mark on the capital! The reason, she explains: "The basement of our house is a real clothing store," she says.

To create one's style is to tell a story.

That's exactly what she's doing with talent from New York to Milan, from Miami to Paris.

The legacy of Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley is in good hands.

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