Spring fashion HAUL & My fashion taste 🌼 봄 맞이 구매한 것들 x 패션 취향 (유니클로, COS, 반스, 나이키) I gahyun

I will show you guys what I bought recently today I've been buying some clothes from january I realized my fashion taste while I'm planning to film fashion haul So I wanted to talk about my fashion taste first before starting haul When I was 20, I used to buy trendy clothes which I only wore once or twice So I usually bought clothes from online shops than off-line shops The thing is I didn't wear these kind of things after 1 year since trend changes so fast So I thought I should't buy clothes which I don't usually wear a lot anymore I've thought it since when I was 23 I buy clothes which I can wear for a long time even It's expensive Not too trendy clothes, patterns, and colour I prefer basic and pastel colour my fave colour is white, beige, blue and grey From time to time, I do buy pink or yellow usually pastel colour, no vivid When I go travelling, I do buy flower pattern clothes or stuff for good photos I usually wear loosed clothing rather than too skinny or fit The important thing when I buy clothes is how it looks on me That's why I do shopping at offline shops than online now to wear clothes in person The brand which shows my fashion taste and style is COS also my fave brand for spa brand, it's quite expensive.

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