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If you have an Instagram account, you knowthat everyone from Cardi B to the Kardashian-Jenners loves Fashion Nova.

Believe it or not, people were searching FashionNova more than they were searching Chanel, Saint Laurent, Christian Dior.

That is crazy! Today, I'm gonna try on eight pieces fromthe site, to see how they really look, in real life.

Whenever I'm on Instagram, I always see everyonetalk about how amazing Fashion Nova jeans are.

Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, everyone's alwaystalking about how great Fashion Nova jeans are so I absolutely had to give them a try today.

Holy s___! These are stretchy.

Easy to get on.

You can kick, you can squat, I get it.

See? You see that kind of stretch? Look at that.

Crazy! I've got some hips.

I've got some butt.

So, you know, that's always nice for a curvy girl.

One bad thing.

This little bunching around the knee, I don'tquite love.

Oh, another thing about these.

Fake pockets! No, no! It gives, like, a nice shape to my hips andmy butt, if I do say so myself.

So, I wanted to buy these pants from FashionNova because they are a part of a two-piece set I'm excited to give them a shot.

So, the blazer situation is a little tricky.

So, you sort of have to find your own waist,cross over the jacket, and then just hope that it sort of looks the way it should.

So, the hem detailing at the bottom of thisjacket is a little uneven, so it lays sort of weird when you put it on.

But, I think that it looks better online thanit feels in real life.

When you got to the Fashion Nova website,you see everything online, you want everything.

It photographs really well, it looks greaton the models.

So, when you get it in real life, it's a littletricky because you'd ideally hope it would look like the same way it would be on themodel.

But it doesn't quite translate.

I wanted to try this Fashion Nova skirt becauseI think I look really great in pencil skirts, and so, I really wanted to give this one a try.

I also was really taken by the stripes.

I think they can be super flattering on agirl with hips, a little curvy girl.

So, I wanted to give this a shot.

So, I was pleasantly surprised by this skirt.

I think it fits nicely on the waist, and itreally does hug my curves really nicely, and I think that the stripes are actually quiteflattering.

I was really, really excited to order thisFashion Nova top, because, first of all, I love a going out top.

I think everyone should own them.

They're so fun.

Second of all, I liked this little ruffled,off-the-shoulder situation.

And, I liked the sweetheart neckline.

I think that'd be super flattering on my body,so I was really excited to give this a try.

But, I really think I'm gonna be let down.


Maybe I was a little hard on this top.

I've been told that it looks pretty nice,so I'm excited about that.

If I were going to, say, Cuba, to have caipirinhasor mojitos, like, this is what I would wear.

Everyone knows that a woman should have agood pair of black jeans in her closet.

So, when I saw these on Fashion Nova, I didn'tthink twice.

They have a nice little button-up fly, whichI'm super in to, and then they have rips at the knees, so they're not, you know, yourbasic black jeans.

They're a little elevated.

Super stretchy.

I like the button fly, I like that they havereal pockets.

You know what I don't like, though? Is that it's doing this to my knee.

Sausage, coming out its casing.

It's weird.

A lot of the Fashion Nova models have a certaintype of body, which is kind of like mine, but not exactly.

So when I was ordering online, I was slightlyskeptical.

But I was really surprised, and pleasantlysurprised, actually, with how these jeans fit on my body.

When I saw this Fashion Nova polka dot topon the website, I was super excited.

I'm obsessed with polka dots right now, they'retrending all over the Internet.

When I got it, though, I wasn't really surehow it was going to work on my body.

But, since I'm game for anything, I said , "Let me try it on.

" As we all know, when you look at a website, you see the model, and that's what sells you on it.

Then I got it, and I realized that there'sno way I could wear it in the same way as the model is, without fashion tape to keepit taped down, adjusting on the side, pulling it down, maybe even some clamps in the back.

But I can't do that in real life.

So, when I saw this dress online, I thoughtit was really beautiful, actually.

I like the way it cut.

I liked the way the sleeves cut in, I thoughtthat would be flattering on my body.

I thought the blue was super vivid, and reallywould pop in Instagram, and just in real life.

And I like this high-low hemline.

Let's see what it looks like.

So this gown is one that looks a lot moreexpensive than it actually is.

When I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised.

The color is really vibrant, and I think itpops against my skin tone.

And I love how it cinches me in the waist,right here.

And as I said when I was holding in on thehanger, I really like the arms.

I think that this shape is really flatteringon somebody with arms like mine.

There's been a little bit of a debate aboutwhether this middle section is supposed to be cut like this, exactly.

I'm not quite sure, but I think that for whattie gown costs, I did pretty well.

I don't hate them.

I actually kind of like them.

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